Saturday, April 10, 2010

Sunshiny Day

I came into the house after taking pictures of my painted star and the sun was streaming in. I thought "Wow! it looks beautiful!" ...I had to share the sun's beauty with you.

My entry...

Now I hate to fess this up but, I usually think "It's so stinking hot!", we don't have any air conditioning, and we use our ceiling fans 24/7.

This is looking out to our back lanai...

The sun was streaming into the living room...meanwhile showing all the dust on my tables that I was avoiding, the windows that REALLY, REALLY need to be cleaned, and the dirt on the tile floor. I ignored it.

Going into my dining room, I took a picure looking out towards the back yard. Lovely sun rays.

My back lanai was looking pretty inviting...I'm thinking relax, read some magazines, have a cold cup of seltzer water...

... until I turned and saw the mess in the kitchen! Yikes! (deep sink is full of dishes)

See what happens when I'm painting...I guess time to clean!

30 minutes later...much better!

All clear!

However,...You DO NOT want to see my room!

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