Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The Neglected Rooms..just keeping it real

I'd been so busy deep cleaning the boys room, that I'd been avoiding my own bedroom.
I knew it would take tons of energy and time to deep clean it, and I was overwhelmed and unmotivated to get in and just do it. It was Gross with a capital "G".
See - proof!...
Just don't stare too long. (Our room will be tiled next.) Ignore gross carpet too, please.

I didn't want to wake up on Father's Day looking at it, and I knew my patient hubby wasn't too happy digging through laundry baskets to find his work clothes.Finally on Saturday, bright and early, I decided to claim back my bedroom, and make it into a peaceful relaxed space, and as Nike says "just do it".
I began by taking off my bedding and washing it in my Tide with Downy softener.
(No, I'm not paid to endorse this company , I just LOVE the smell!) I removed my curtain panels so they could be washed as well. Behind the curtains -Oh. boy! They were so dirty and disgusting, that I had to tackle them next. I know -YUCK!

I got out a bucket of Lemon Lysol water and scrubbed them down. It took 3 1/2 hours to clean my windows!! 3 1/2 hours people! But the breeze coming through afterwards-was divine!


I dusted the walls, yep, the dressers, and end tables. I even cleaned my ceiling fan!
I vacuumed, remade the bed, and rehung the curtains.
At 3pm, I was finally finished! Talk about satisfaction!

It smelled wonderful! Yum-Downy dryer lavender/vanilla sheets are the best!!
I didn't feel exhausted -I felt motivated!

I went onto to our bathroom... (warning- feel free to cover your eyes!)
I knew the windows and screens needed deep cleaning in there as well. So again I got new lemon Lysol water and took 1 1/2hrs to clean the windows and screens.

I scrubbed all the other surfaces, washed the bath mat, then added fresh scented towels, a new bar of soap, and a full bottle of shampoo. ( Goodbye 3/4 empty one!)
I was so happy! There's something about clean spaces that destresses me, and clears my mind and motivates me to want to craft and stamp!
Check it out!!
However, I couldn't go and make anything because I'd been throwing things into the garage over the last couple of weeks. There was a mountain of unwanted , future Craigslist items and there wasn't any room to craft. Can find the level? the sewing machine? the crooked picture?

How about the containers of Lego's? The pumpkin? the folding tables?

Monday morning -I went out at 9am and decided to play my own version of "Clean House Hawaii Edition". I set my timer for 30 minutes and took everything out onto the driveway -EVERYTHING!
I swept the cement floor, then vacuumed, and mopped it-because as you know, I love that Lemon Lysol smell!
Next, I sorted all my stuff into trash, sell, and/or donate piles. I kept asking myself "Do I need this?", "Have I used this recently?", and "Has it served it's purpose?".
I kept a mental picture in the back of my mind of what I wanted my space to look like.
By Tuesday afternoon-one and half days craft space was finished!
I can see! I can stamp!
I can walk without tripping on something!

I'm all ready for stamp class!

It was tons of work and took extra effort-but having the chaos gone , totally de-stresses me.
I have the motivation and energy now to craft.
How 'bout you? Is there a mountain of laundry? Piles of paper? Rooms full of toys? that are weighing you down?
Go ahead and tackle it! Get rid of that stress and donate, sell or trash all those unworn, broken or unused items. Feel the stress roll off your back, then sit back enjoy your hard work-and of course, feel free to Craft!

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McBritney said...

hehe my room looks like your did at the beginning :D I need to get my house to be as clean as yours before I go on vacation, I dont want to come home 6-7 months pregnant and have to clean.