Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Celebrating Fall!

I think "fall" is coming to Hawaii because it has been rainy all night and a little bit this morning!
I love it!
...our front walkway with "mini' puddles this morning.

After growing up in Oregon - I miss having rainy days and feel so happy when I hear the rain pouring down outside my windows. Rain drops on ti leaves...

It doesn't last very long here-but I appreciate it none the less. Love the red and variegated colors in this plant!

Sweet little raindrops on my anthurium...

So... I got out my fall decorations, and a friend lent me her fall wreath she wasn't using for my front door. I may have to adopt it for a long time!

Aren't those berries beautiful? Love it on my red front door.

Red candles, lanterns, acorns, pumpkins, pomegranates, and a leaf garland on my dining table.

Found this cute squirrel at a antique store few years ago. Wood maple leaf container-thrift store thank you very much. Acorn candle - gift from my husband last year.

I couldn't for get the outside! I already had these items -just put them together in the bowl.

(Pine cones from Oregon! bought them at a yard sale.)

To add to the ambiance I turned on my Scentsy candle -and put in a Purely Pomegranate brick.

Made this glitter squirrel (don't hear those two words together often -huh?) last year and added him to this twig wreath.

Can't forget my fall dishes! I want to start collecting this amber glassware. (found these goblets "Royal" made in Poland, at the thrift store.)

Now all I need is a nice hot cup of cider! Happy Fall!


Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...

Love all your

fall decorations.....Great blog

McBritney said...

I love your table runner decor!
I wish you lived closer and could help me decorate for every season!