Thursday, October 28, 2010

Baby Shower in a Box

Baby shower & a box? What?
...I live a long, long, long, way away from my son & daughter in law, and my soon to be born 2nd grandchild! 8 weeks to go!
I also love new baby clothes, blankets and parties & I really wanted to throw a baby shower for her, but due to logistics it wouldn't be possible.
Then (hold the presses!) I decided to throw the shower from "here" anyways, and send her everything "over there", that she would need. I started by asking what colors she'd prefer, and after I told her a couple of my ideas, we settled on blue, tan and brown. (No baby blue) She also liked a little elephant for the animal.

Here is the baby shower invite...inspired from a template by Kim Hughes.

I made the first one rather quickly-not thinking about how much tracing and cutting would be involved for 24 invites! Because baby grandsons are special and one of a kind,-it was so worth it!

...embossed with dots

25 invites-cut and stamped-ready for the mail!!

The Banner!

I'll show the "How to" on another post..
Can I just say I love the Big Shot from Stampin' Up!?

Hard to read "Connor" from far away...I'm hoping she will have someone to help hang the banner .

Lots of little elephant cupcake toppers...

Cute Martha Stewart punch.

The cupcake paper wraps! Used my Big Shot and a cupcake wrap die cut. Fabulous! Got it with a 40% off coupon. Oh yeah.

Price Busters (like a dollar store) had these chocolate colored plates and cups!! I love blue and brown together. This blue is actually a little darker in person.

The little paper cups for the mints and peanuts.

...for the guests, some peanuts...

and indivually wrapped mints- I like the all white.

I tried to include everything but the punch/drinks, for the afternoon shower.

Cake mix and frosting for the cupcake. Hum, I hope someone will make these for her too.

A certificate for an ice cream cake.

I couldn't forget the games!
The 3 baby shower games...
Scrambled baby words/items, Nursery Rhyme Riddles and Baby animals.

and their answer sheets-all printed out. Thank you internet search.

The 3 prizes, for the game winners!
A coupon keeper, a 2011 planner, and a "To Do" notepad.
(Oh man- I hope her friends don't read my blog?)

Now...the prizes all wrapped up! oops -got some baby blue in there.

The tag/label. (a label set I got from Stampin' Up.)

...I couldn't forget the outside of the house!!!
Balloons for the mailbox..

The whole shower!! The whole party!
I put the items in zip lock bags, and wrapped it all up . I even drew a little layout of how I'd set it up if I were there.(Yes I realize it looks quick, ugly and like a little kid wrote it...) But you get the idea-right?

And the two boxes-all packed up and ready to be sent!! Love those flat rate boxes! I put extra things in them as well.

Hey Brit-Party time on its way! Enjoy!


Baby Shower Photo Invitations said...

You are indeed so creative, I like the way you made those invitations for baby shower.

Anonymous said...

you are the sweetest mil EVER! and most creative!! great job val!