Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Sweater "Cozy" Inspiration

It doesn't really "feel" like winter here in Hawaii, and its too hot for hot chocolate,soup or sweaters.
I have however, been noticing a lot of sweater "cozy" items online-
I like these sweater plant covers.
These bracelets-so easy to make these!

Pillows-what a cozy thing to have on your couch...

Bowls? this sure would keep your hands protected!

A nice wine/Apple cider cover...

Yes! Candle covers!

And...Anthropologie-need I say more?

I was inspired to make some of my own vase "cozy's" so I headed to the thrift store and bought some various clearance sweaters in different colors.

I slid my clear 99 cent vases through the sleeve to see how where to cut it off...

and then snipped away.

Funny, I didn't even care if they were Liz Claiborne,Old Navy or Gap sweaters. I would never wear them here.

I tucked the excess fabric in side and didn't glue it down, in case I need to wash the vase or cover.

There! All three covered and cozy!

I like the cable knit sweaters.

My nice fall vases.
Now I will try to make pillows from the rest of the fabric.

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McBritney said...

what a cool idea! i think I'm going to find some sweaters at the thrift store!