Friday, December 17, 2010

Church Christmas Tea

I love this event during Christmas time!
A Christmas Tea.
Some ladies signed up to decorate a table, some make or prepare the food, some sing
and some spoke.
I signed up to decorate a table.
I wanted to use my Mikasa Antique Lace china,but I didn't have a tablecloth or centerpiece that matched.
... So I went to the thrift store and found this gold angel statue holding a white tree with purple flowers. Yuck- I promptly pulled it out of her hands, then plugged the hole with Spackle and used my gold paint pen to color over the dried Spackle.

I bought 3 picks and put them in a wreath I already had but wasn't using.

I also bought these candle holders, with gold stems, from the thrift store to use in my center piece.

At the church before the event started we were able to set up our tables. I tied some cones I had made to the back of the chairs.

I used gold glitter paper, crepe paper , an angel image, seam binding,
and my glue gun, sewing machine and Stampin Up scallop punches to make them,
and then I filled them with candy.

Here is the whole set up and the wreath wreath with the angel , picks and gold stemmed candle holders inside of it. The table has a card in the wreath that said "Love" on it to tell the women which table it was and where to sit,etc... Found the tablecloth-brand new at the church thrift store but forgot to iron it before I went to set up- I think it was too dark to notice!

Here is a close up of the centerpiece. It made me think of "Angels we have heard on high"...I also wove gold wire rimmed ribbon through it.

A close up of the plate and the CD of hymns, each lady at the tea was gifted, and the napkin rings from Pier 1.
I had the runner and the napkins from a long time ago.(Green and gold) Close up my Mikasa china...

I had bought the water-wine? glasses a long time ago in Montana and had scrubbed off the words that were on the side of the glasses- they were super cheap because they had advertised different companies.

I made a little scallop note for each water glass. Love that punch!

Here is another table shot. It was a beautiful evening and it was fun seeing all of the tables decked out differently.


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Something Nice and Pretty said...

How your table and how you did everything from a thrift store and what you had on hand!