Friday, December 24, 2010

Random Post and Pictures...

I have lots of photos on my computer ...thought I'd share some random ones...
First up, A little Hawaiian Sandman -cute isn't he?

A couple of ornaments Lily painted for my parents...cardinal...

and doe and fawn running - for my dad.

Sawyer's letter to Santa he wrote during school. So polite too.
I'm sorry-no dog this year either. But hey-at least he likes math!

A mouse Lily made from pipe cleaners for Sawyer.

Sawyer made his name out of pipe cleaners...

Lastly-my cousin Sam Rockwell. Excellent actor-great guy-wonderful memories. Super super talented!!!
Haven't seen him in a long time, but keep close watch on him! Good pic too.

That's it around here.
I have lots to wrap and a special candle light service to go to.
Merry Christmas Eve to you!

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