Friday, January 1, 2010

Taking down Christmas Decor 09

It should read "the ordeal of taking down Christmas Decor."

I need to rethink my New Year's strategy-I end up spending the first day of the year- cleaning! Ugh! I like having all the pretty trees up, and the lights on at night-but I avoid taking them down once Christmas has passed. I end up exhausted because I want everything down immediately, and all other life stops while I'm in take down mode. I think it will be one tree per day. Living room tree -last.

Here's some pic's of my trees before they go bye bye.

Living room
Living Room Tree glass -(Click on photo to see it up close-cool!)

Dining Room-White Tree

Hallway Tree-Homemade Ornaments from everyone

End of Hallway...

Boy's Room

Boys tree- Soldiers, cars, & airplanes

Lily's Room Tree

Pink-Pink & Butterflies!

Master Bedroom Tree- all Non Glass Ornaments & vintage

Master Room

I love them all for different reasons and rooms feel empty when I don't put them up -but the taking down part is yucky. I always forget about this -come 11 months from now!

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livinginparadise said...

I love your trees! But I hear you on the take down. I'm dreading my one tree that we have. Maybe I will wait until mid-January. :o)