Thursday, May 27, 2010

Gifts for my MOPS Girls..

I have been the Coordinator for MOPS this year and wanted to make something for the ladies who had served on the Steering team with me. I needed 14 gifts and wanted it to be something I'd like to give, as well as get, myself... It seems like every meeting something someone said, would make me tear up and I decided to give each girl a pocket sized tissue holder, and some tissues, to remember me!

I saw these Country Living Napkins at K Mart, and decided to use them as the fabric for my project ($3.39 on sale for 2 napkins)

I cut the napkins into 6 1/2 " by 7" squares, and cut up some white fabric I had on hand, into same size squares, for the lining/backing.

Putting the right sides of the fabric together, I sewed the two pieces all around the edge -leaving a 1"opening so I could turn them inside out. (didnt take pic of that -oops!)

After I turned them inside out, I pressed them,

then took the outside two edges and brought them into the center, and sewed the ends closed.

I turned them again right side out, and pressed them.
I bought two packs of tissues that came 8 in a pack for only $1.89 at Safeway.

and placed one pack into each holder.

They still looked rather plain to me so I got out some felt leaves and flowers I had on hand from my Stampin' Up! stash,

and hand sewed the felt button shape and leaves on, as an embellishment to the front of the tissue holder.

It took a couple hours due to the hand sewing of the felt, but it only cost me around .55 a girl!

I love how they turned out, and how practical it is as well. Hope they did too.

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livinginparadise said...

I love my tissue holder!! You are so crafty! I saw the cloth napkins at Kmart yesterday and realized those were the same material. I almost bought some but couldn't find a price. Now I know and I might just have to go back and get some. I love the fabric. Thanks!