Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Time to Reveal!

Lily's new room!!...But before I do, I must warn you this is a very long post with lots of pictures...
Here is how it was last week. I had been wanting to convert her into a full size bed, give her a more sophisticated girls room, and have another full size bed available in case company visited. I doubted two twin beds, pink walls and tons of toys, would be very welcoming.

It has taken a LONG week to finish and I am so glad we are done! (My room/ house is a big pig sty!) I moved all her things out... so my husband could tile the room (like the rest of the house) because it is very hot in Hawaii, the sand is easier to clean up, and its odor free.

Here is the floor with grout.

Next we painted the walls Benjamin Moore "Powell Bluff"- a more neutral color.

I washed and pressed the curtains, cleaned the windows and screens! (Yuck, yuck)
Brian reinstalled the wood baseboard.

Earlier in the week I had gone to the local thrift store and saw a solid wood cabinet for only $69! However, it was missing the center shelf, had palm tree contact paper on the front cabinet doors, one knob,cracked wood joints, and a hole had been chopped out in the back! (I suppose so a cord could be put through to plug in a TV or stereo?) It was ugly! I knew it had "potential" so I called my hubby and asked him to swing by after work and take a look at it as well. Especially because it would become his "project" .
I also asked the manager if he'd take less and he said he'd knock off $20. (wow only $39!!)
Brian went after work to check it out & said yes, because it was Teak wood (yeah! no termites!) and bought it.
I promptly cleaned it all up and removed the sticky paper and knobs the next day. (I am bummed I forgot to get the first picture of it before any changes!!! Ugh!!)
Here it is with a new shelf, and a wood piece glued in the back to plug the prior hole.
(tape measure is there to help support the plug until it was dry)

Check out the fabulous wood scalloped shelves!! Old shelf, new shelf...

Then it was primed...

And as soon as the paint was dry, I added new knobs and we put it in her room!!

Next up- I primed and painted the antique,1920's?, garage sale, wood bed that had been in my garage over a year!, and put it in her room as soon as it was dry. I love the detail on the foot board and headboard!

We bought a new full mattress set for her (GREAT deal at a wholesale factory mattress store)...

Then I set it all up.

I had looked, and looked for new bedding- places like Pottery Barn ("Amelia" bedding was no longer available), checked the Land of Nod ("Rose" bedding- got bad reviews after washing), Serena and Lily "Gracie" bedding was BEAUTIFUL, but very, very expensive, and Lily didn't like it - bummer! so...I purchased some online JC Penny "Emma" bedding because I liked the texture, the half price deal, and Lily liked the style-win win! I was anxiously waiting to see if it looked as great in person as it had online...when it arrived 5 days later...I was so happy because it did!! The right shade of pink! Her new sheets had a lovely ruffled edge as well...

Sneak Peak...
some more...

I bought a new acrylic lamp at Target because I wanted some "bling" in her room, plus I had a Target gift card I hadn't used !
Here it is on the newly painted dresser ... with her CD/alarm clock and her pet fish.

Here is my energy drink for this project!

I eventually want to get a chandelier for the other corner in her room, instead I bought an $8 tea light glass holder from our craft store.

It wasn't hanging hanging low enough from the ceiling, so I had to go to the hardware store for a extra foot of chain (only 79 cents!).

There is now more "bling" for her room, and it adds nice ambiance in the evening. She loves it.

There was a big blank wall in her room so I went to buy some inexpensive, plain, white frames
to fill the space.

The problem was I couldn't find any inexpensive ones! They were all $16 each, so I bought these seasonal Mother's Day and Sister frames ($7.49) at Target .There were words on the glass, but they had cool, pink, flower mats ...
Sorry words had to go...

I came home, took my razor and scraped off the vinyl words.

It was VERY easy. Next, I glued some of my brass coffee clips on the back of the picture frame (see previous post on 4/8/2010 about that!), so I could hang them on the wall.

I printed off pictures (converted to black and white) of Lily, from previous years, then played around with the arrangement till I was satisfied,

and I also asked Lily if she liked the pictures. She approved..

...So I got out my level, hammer and nails...

...then hung them on the wall. (Left to right ...Lily around 5 yrs, doing the hula pose, in her Sparky Hat, after kindergarten graduation, new glasses, and Easter Sunday after a backyard egg hunt.)

Once all the furniture was in place, we spent all day going through her toys, stuffed animals, books and clothes. It was a LONG day!

And now without further ado.....the completed room!!! Pictures taken tonight.

There is a chalk board at the beginning that says "Lily's Suite" ( barely see it in the picture).

...New fake Flokati rug to play on, while we save up for a larger rug, or find one on Craigslist!
New soft, comfy bed...

...right side ,waiting to find perfect comfy chair,also want to buy another rug for this side.

Her "new" hutch, all filled up with her Nancy Drew and Little House on The Prairie books, and her American Girl doll clothes and supplies (in the bottom pink bins).

Her Great Grandma Loerts made her the Raggedy Ann and Andy dolls.

Horses up high, so no little brothers will try to sit on them anymore!

I even took a picture of her closet! I took the closet doors outside then scrubbed and sprayed them off -they were so dusty! Her Polly Pockets, Pet Shop, Barbie's and tons of small plastic animals are in the drawers.

She also got rid of tons of clothes! She labeled the plastic drawers herself. (I know the plastic drawers are 1. Ugly and 2. don't match but, they were a cheap garage sale find a couple of years ago.) The white cabinet was mine when I was little and holds her art supplies, an old Game boy, the Fisher Price "Squirrel Family Log House" and "Tree House" , and her baby doll dishes.
I put her name above the closet.
Here she is tonight reading to Sawyer, while they both enjoy her clean and comfy new room!
(Next room to be tiled is the boys room-yikes!)
Good night!



Awesome work family! How many times do I need to tell you gal... Go on DESIGN STAR!

Anonymous said...

You are sweet! Thanks! If that show was on years ago when I was younger,& single I would have loved to try out for it...Oh well.I just change my own house around!

Anonymous said...

val, absolutely awesome!! that cabinet that brian doctored up = WOW!!
nice job!!!