Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Celebration Time!

I made a celebration packet for my son's welcome home party. (He was deployed for 7 months and even missed his second son's birth.) My daughter in law wanted Americana colors for the celebration-red,blue,tan and white and both their birthdays fall near Memorial day in May.
I love a color inspiration challenge!
I went to the thrift store and picked out sheets. (we don't have a fabric store handy and the sheets run $1.99 each!)
I found so many navy and brick red options.

Online I found a fabric banner template (triangle)

I set the template on each sheet, and cut out four flag shapes per sheet.

All the fabric cut out ...

Now, all sewn ...

then turned right side out.

Pressed flat and ...

sewn onto home made bias tape. (I used strips of the blue sheet).

One big banner family!

Here are the blue plastic plates, a tablecloth (Ralph Lauren Queen sheet), red cups, white utensils, invites, and the flag banner.

Little flags from Pier 1 last year. Thought these would look cute in the hamburger or hot dog buns.

Invites with party supplies.
For a faithful military wife's party...

to celebrate he husband's return.

Welcome Home Garrett!! I am thankful for your service!

Here's a picture of the dining room at their party.

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