Thursday, January 22, 2009

Movies I'd watch again

There are some movies Ive seen that I look forward to watching again and again.
I'm always surprised when I talk about them and people haven't seen them..
Here are a few...
Sound Of Music (the story,acting,songs-excellent!!!)
Seven Brides for Seven Brothers(they SO don't make them like this anymore)
Singing in the Rain (again great songs and story)
Les Miserables (the photography,plot,acting-ending! Must see)
Hope Floats(sweet guy-better man)
Letters to Frankie(sweet guy-again way better man)
Persuasion(BBC-A&E version)
Emma (BBC or USA version)
Sense and Sensibility
Pride and Prejudice
Nell(totally kidding-just seeing if you're paying attention/hated it!!)
Facing the Giants
Fireproof (all christian based films -encouraging and uplifting)
I cant think of any more right now-I suppose that's a good start! I'll have to think about some comedy's I enjoy too-Let me know you're recommendations!...

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