Monday, January 12, 2009

To be...Neat

I love Helen and the TV show Neat-she helps people conquer clutter and "live" in their spaces instead of giving their clutter room to live. Here are her suggestions..I'm slowly tackling closets and cupboards and feeling lighter with each step.I actually feel more creative the cleaner it gets -free to work on projects without all the "to dos" around me.

5 Key Questions to Cut Down on Clutter

We all rationalize keeping items for a future that doesn't arrive. Here are some key excuses that simply don't cut it. If you hear yourself using any of these lines, put yourself on high clutter alert. Print out these questions, frame them and keep them accessible to keep clutter at bay.

1. I’m going to fix it someday
2. I need it just in case
3. I’ll sell it in a garage sale or online
4. This will be worth something someday
5. Someone else may be able to use it

By creating a wallet sized card with 5 Questions to Consider Before You Buy - you can prevent yourself from acquiring unnecessary items that have a high potential to turn into clutter. When shopping, use these questions to guide your purchases:

1. Do I really need this?
2. Do I have somewhere to store it?
3. Do I already have something like this?
4. Am I buying it just because it’s on sale?
5. Is it something I've been interested in for a long time, or am I buying
on impulse?

I love the feeling I get when I take a bag to donate knowing someone else will be blessed getting the items and my family will be blessed because we can live,have order and not chaos in the rooms.

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