Friday, October 17, 2008

Cleaning my Craft/Stamp Room!

Here are before and after shots of cleaning my crafting space! Brians tools on other side...

(we each get half of the garage)
I've always done crafts but I usually stored everything in boxes in closets, had a little space in a basement and/or in the garage,or worked at my dining room table....Now I have half the garage outside and I love it! Its cooler outside, I can shut the door to the house and leave projects out.

Brian got a great deal on shelves at Home Depot ($4 each) and put them up for me. I got the cabinet from my neighbor ( in exchange for sewing a valance for her) , the heavy duty banquet table off Craigslist ($20),the bookshelves ($5 each) at a garage sale, the glass canisters at Savers Thrift store, the cassette tape holders for my ink pads from Salvation Army, and the chairs from Brian's grandma.

And when I first moved here I drove past a house with a big construction dumpster in front of it and saw the Disco ball, so I stopped and asked a worker if I could have it.

Score! Makes me happy looking at it. Brian attached it to one of the beams for me. "Stamp Disco" my house!


Shannon said...

I want to come over and stamp.

Meg in Texas said...

I LOVE the room! wish i was there to stamp and hang with you! It just looks so cool and SOOOO organized! Glad you finally have your space, you deserve it!