Monday, October 20, 2008

Lego Master

Ever since Levi was 2 he has loved to build, especially with Legos. I thought as he got older his interest would fade but no, he's on to bigger and larger sets. The boys would live near us call him the Lego King and this morning he came out and said "Look I built a gun. Its like the Star Wars guns the clones use."

I had to take a picture because all I can build are walls or stacks that go straight up. I wonder if he'll be an engineer?

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Shannon said...

I sure am glad that Zoe is not there to run into that creation! Talk about a melt down that would be, that is so cool tell him I said so. Also ask him if he remembers the time Zoe and he smacked into each other in the hall and a Logo Ship and it was destroyed by her nose.