Thursday, October 23, 2008

I like to read

Its funny,as a kid I hated reading and wasn't great at it. My mother decided I had to read a chapter everyday from Beverly Cleary's book "Homer". I can remember hating the title of the book (and I probably picked the book) and hating,loathing ,the time I had to read it.
I eventually got through it and started reading C.S. Lewis's books, then onto more Beverly Cleary books and eventually grew to LOVE reading. In high school I discovered devotionals (Daily Bread, Moment By Moment) and I loved seeing what the "verse of the day was" or if it pertained to me & my circumstances. After college I found a devotional at a thrift store and thought it was so good!!! I called my mom and asked her if she had ever heard of it,and being the avid reader she is, she said yes its been around a long time...and isn't it good!
And to this day,after scripture, its my all time favorite devotional to read,check,and be encouraged.
"Streams in the Desert"

Book Review
Few books ever attain such a widespread recognition and perennial appeal as Streams in the Desert. Now over seventy years since its first publication, this marvelous devotional by Mrs. Charles E. Cowman has established itself firmly in the ranks of the Christian classics. Written from Mrs. Cowman's rich experiences with life, from its dry wastelands to its well-watered gardens, Streams in the Desert is a legacy of faith and wisdom that is time-tested faithfully to the One who alone can slake their spiritual thirst. In the midst of today's fast-paced world, the wisdom of Streams in the Desert remains refreshing, relevant and trustworthy. Turn to it daily, tune out the clamor of living, and let these prayerful writings inspire fresh hope, confidence, and a deep awareness of God's presence in your life.
Streams in the Desert
By Mrs. Charles E. Cowman, L. B. Cowman
Contributor James Reimann
Published by Zondervan, 2006
ISBN 0310607051, 9780310607052
383 pages

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