Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Crack me up...

I was on the Yahoo home page and the title said "Seven Easy Dinners"
And you know me...Easy! Dinners?
had to check it out
Here is their list...
Monday Paprika Shrimp & Green Bean Sauté
Tuesday Chicken Stuffed With Spinach
Wednesday Burritos El Grande
Thursday Bacon Fried Rice
Friday Ham & Chile Cheddar Calzones
Saturday Steak Sandwiches
Sunday Turkey Tetrazzini
I had to laugh!
A word association went through my head immediately.
I read "shrimp" and "$$$$$" went thru my head
"Paprika"-do I even have any?
"saute'" -can I do that?
"grande"-no thanks, all ready big enough
"bacon,fried"-see comment above
"steak" again $$$$$$$
"calzone"-yes, Ill admit, "sopranos,mafia!"
and the last one "tetrazzini" - hello! what is that, and how to pronounce it?
Soooo-I don't think Ill be making any of those recipes soon.

I thought it was going to say,
3. salads
yeah I thought wrong.


livinginparadise said...

That is too funny. I always hate when they say that too and then they have recipes that use ingredients that I've never heard of or would cost an arm and a leg here in Hawaii to buy. Easy to me is 5 ingredients or less (two of those being salt and pepper) and the ingredients must be things you would normally have on hand.

Anonymous said...

hahah i feel the EXACT same way!!!