Wednesday, October 22, 2008

What are you thinking?

Solomon wrote "As a man thinks, so he is.." Humm....what do you think about /on?
I know this isn't about "positive thinking" but more like keeping our thoughts fixed on "God is in control", "All things work together for good","to everything there is a season", kind of thinking..
After listening to Focus on the Family today at 8:00am I was impressed with his interview of Sara P.
Shes not thinking/dwelling on the media/writers blasting her,or her family-shes thinking about serving a cause greater than herself, and remaining true to her faith in God.
I know if I think about my discontentment, about certain areas, I get bummed, but if I think about the privileges I have to live in the USA , my purpose as a person,wife & mom, and that God is bigger than Any situation out there-my outlook changes.
Remember-God is bigger & says "You matter!"... Good thinkin'!

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