Sunday, November 2, 2008

Birthday time!

It was my hubby's birthday today! I thought I'd make him a dinner of his I bought sirloin steak,red potatoes and asparagus. I don't usually grill steak (think hamburgers) and I didn't want to ruin it. So I went on a recipe website and looked up how to grill steak. As I washed the asparagus, I realized I haven't cooked fresh asparagus (think canned green beans) so back to the Internet. Finally, as I was going to peel the red potatoes,(think
basic mashed potatoes) I thought "I'd better go back and check the Internet!" Pathetic, I know.
However,my dinner turned out (think nothing burned!). My husband loved it and, was very thankful -not just for the food, but because he knows cooking isn't a natural gift of mine! He definitely deserves a tasty dinner because he's a really good husband and dad.
And by "good" I mean...

[better, best]
1. having admirable, pleasing, or superior qualities: a good listener
2. morally excellent; virtuous: a good person
3. beneficial: exercise is good for the heart
4. kindly or generous: he is so good to us
5. competent or talented: he's good at physics
6. obedient or well-behaved: a good boy
7. reliable or recommended: a good make
8. complete or thorough: he went to have a good look round
9. appropriate or opportune: a good time to clear the air
10. satisfying or enjoyable: a good holiday
11. newest or of the best quality: keep the good dishes for guests
1. advantage or benefit:
2. positive moral qualities; virtue
3. for good for ever; permanently
...Yep, that about sums him up. Good.

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Anonymous said...

great job!!! hahah im as bad as you or should i say as inexperienced when it comes to cooking
great job girlie!!