Friday, November 14, 2008

The Merry Maid!

As I walked in the front door this morning after dropping off my kids to school,I saw the huge mess from last night, the clutter in every room, and wished I had a maid. Knowing I can't afford one,I decided to transform and become my own Merry maid! I put on happy music,grabbed my bucket and put all my cleaning supplies inside.
I decided I will clean each room for 20 minutes, looking at each room as if it was for a client, and yet-the reward will be for me! Free of charge. I'm actually having a merry,fun time! Go Maids!

(Side note)While dusting-I dropped a frame and broke the glass,ate a snack out of the fridge,went on the computer and didnt finish any of the bedrooms...I definitely wouldn't be 'hired' again!

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