Saturday, November 22, 2008

Car Trouble!

What a week! My trusty van hasn't been so trusty! It started overheating,so my husband added all the necessary fluids to the transmission,radiator,oil,and windshield wipers and I was back to driving it...however on the way to school it overheated and wasn't working.Thankfully I made it to their school,then had to get towed.
This was the wonderful day when I wore the husband's sweatshirt,my "comfy" sweatpants,with no makeup, and had to go in the tow truck,to the mechanic shop, then walk through town to the car rental place! Hello humble, goodbye pride! I'm praying it is just the radiator hose($35) and not a cracked head($2000) I am thankful I wasn't on the major H3 highway and that I have a cute little rental... And as much as I envy the new cars out on the road, I dare say I miss my roomy Windstar.

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livinginparadise said...

I hope it's the radiator hose as well. $35 bucks is waaay cheaper than $2000.