Sunday, November 9, 2008

Christmas List

There are only 47 days till Christmas! I've told my kids to write down their "wish list" and not to ask me for anything while we're out,and that we'll look at their lists for ideas. Tonight,I noticed Lily had completed hers and stuck it on the refrigerator.Here is "The List" written, per Lily.
3.bratz bike
5.go to park
6.shrek game
7.hamster or a fish or any other animal
8.anything else but mostly number 2 and number 1 and number 7
9.not clothes only if there really,really,really cute
10.stuff animals
12.toy animals(plastic) bed sheets
14.more CDs to listen to at night
15.a musicel instumit like a piano
17.a baby sister
18.kitty,mousey,or puppy in my pocket
21.shirt or pant or skirts with shorts or shorts.PJ too.
Thank you

Humm-lets just say, I don't think she'll be getting "everything" on the list!